Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eyes opened

I never realized how hard it is to write. No, that's not right. I mean I never realized how hard it is to write to be published. Writing is easy, but there are few who would pay to listen, the way I rant.

As with most areas of life, I believe people have natural gifts for certain things that others have to work at. Like some authors are born with the ability to write a wonderful novel on the first try and people flock to buy what they create. Then there are those who repel most readers and should never own a pen. The majority have to work hard to get the story written then tirelessly edit the flaws.

I fall in the majority - I have good stories and ideas but have to work hard to perfect them. I recently put up my "Broken Branch Falls" on the writing website, Absolute Write Water Cooler, for critique. Boy did they let me have it! I was dribbling over here and fumbling over there and hit a few fouls out in left field! (like those mixed sports metaphors?) But the advice and pointers are very helpful. I'd rather hear it now and fix it, than keep looking for an agent/publisher and getting rejected. And I can use the words of wisdom when it comes time to edit "Pop Travel" which I'm almost finished with.

The luckiest people get paid for their talent - easy money. What is your gift?

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MC Howe said...

Hey Tara, just stopping by to say hello.

Good writing takes talent, sure, but even good writers write crap if they don't take the time to perfect it.

Absolute Write can be Absolute Hell, but for the most part, I've found the comments there, cruel as they can be, very helpful.

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