Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ghost Post

I am supporting an AW friend's blog who has a frequent prompt called Drabble Day Challenge - a drabble of about 100 words. The prompt today is "ghost." Hope you enjoy =)

I love being a ghost!

I haunt this romantic restaurant.

I see a bickering couple and nudge their table spilling the man's water on him. Serves you right, oaf!

There's a sweet pair on a first date. Nervous, shy, afraid to speak. Let's break the ice, shall we? If I scoot this chair along the floor just right...PFFT! They both laughed. Perfect.

But over in the corner. See the sad, lonely lady? Comes in every Thursday and watches. She'll be joining me soon. Then she'll liven up. Like me.

That used to be my table. I'll help her find the socket with her fork.


Anonymous said...

Nice twists!

Anonymous said...

:) she will become a ghost whether she wants to or not!

Ryan said...

Lol i love a ghost with a sense of humor! Beautifully written, Tara. I'll post mine in a bit.

steer clear of falling anvils said...

ROFL! That was awesome! Loved the last line. :)

Kasi Blake said...

I love your title and the ghost post. My blog is called Ghost Writer. I found you through Absolute Write. Please check out my blog too.

Anonymous said...

LOL, 'Then she'll liven up' almost sounds like a threat.
Great post thank you for sharing!

Tara Tyler said...

Thank y'all =) I appreciate the comments. I went to your sites and commented back =)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Me likey! I like the beautiful contrasts in your story. The lively ghost/matchmaker/death helper versus the dead living. I'm glad you took part in this week's challenge!

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