Saturday, February 26, 2011

All Grown Up

This Drabble Day Challenge was tougher than last week. But given a little time, I came up with one. It went in a different direction than I planned, but I think the result is better. Today's prompt: “creative analogy”

All Grown Up.
I finally made it through my first year of college. Yeah!

As I reacclimated to my parents’ house, I realized how I thought of it. Not as my house anymore. I was just visiting. Like a sojourner on an extended stay at a hostel. I was on vacation from my real life where I took care of myself.

They even treated me like a guest. No curfew, no real rules, no chores. I pitched in voluntarily. We shared meals and had in depth conversations about the world and the future. They respected me and my opinions.

The feeling was mutual.


Ryan said...

So grown up! ;) Nicely done, Tara.

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks, Ryan. Wasn't sure if it was a strong enough analogy.

Lectin said...

Ah, I liked this one, it's like a wary introduction to adult life :)

Tara Tyler said...

Thank you, Lectin. I appreciate the comment =)

Anonymous said...

It's a light analogy but an analogy still. Don't worry! ;)
I agree that the prompt was harder that week.
I like what you did with it. The first time I went back to my parents' house after moving out, a similar image hit me. Same when I had to spend a couple of months there while my apartment got fixed.

Tara Tyler said...

Thank you. I appreciate you posting the challenges =)

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