Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On the job training

I am currently a substitute teacher. I enjoy what I'm doing. I would like to have a class of my own again, but even math teaching jobs are scarce around here...

As I think about my resume, I've had many diverse jobs and have learned a lot from each one. Here are a few examples:
  • hostess and waitress - these jobs are way harder and more disgusting than they look and the hostess usually gets tipshare from the waiters, and people are stingy! average tip today should be 20%
  • retail - the perks were good and the work wasn't so bad, but I like to help people. please don't leave random items around the store - someone has to put that away, you know!
  • temp and administrative assistant - boring! office work was feast or famine - hurry I need it in an hour or nothingness. But I used my down time to sharpen my computer skills, update my resume and make invitations for parties and such =). Companies really need to be more efficient.
  • tutor and teacher - kids need respect and self esteem. I felt best when I could help them understand. I still do. I also wish more parents took the initiative to stay involved in their kids' business. (some places were better than others, that's life)
  • wife and mom - I do my best and make my kids try to do their best.
  • writer - I have chosen the worst time to be a writer. There are tons of good writers all looking for a break. With book publishing in transition, it's harder than ever to make it. They are much more selective. I will just have to try harder to tell a good story.
What I've enjoyed the most is all the wonderful people I've had the privilege of working with. And I'm looking forward to more!

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