Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Assignment Challenge

Just saw this post and couldn't resist. The challenge was to take something you know how to do and explain what NOT to do. In my haste I just used one of their examples. I found the challenge at Brainstorms & Bylines

Here's my response:

How NOT to get a cat out of a tree:
1. Do not squirt with a hose. Though effective, cats grow a fear of water ever after.
2. Do not attempt to lasso cat. Results have been known to be tragic.
3. Do not send dog into tree to scare it down. A) Dogs can’t climb trees, B) Then dog would be stuck in tree
4. Do not use cliche cartoon tricks to tempt the cat down, like a cat of the opposite sex, milk or a mouse – this is the real world, it doesn’t work.
5. Do not call the fire department – it’s just a cat.

Suggestion – ingore him. That’s what he would do if you were up a tree.

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