Thursday, February 10, 2011

digital natives

This is the term referring to incoming college freshman - the generation that has never known what it was like before the internet!

Gasp! I've been dated!

"I remember when we used to have rotary telephones," said the wrinkled old prune in a crinkly voice wagging her twig finger. (me in 40 years!)

"Grandma, what's a telephone?" the little girl asked with her telepathic powers but it bounced off the old ladies' skull. Her grandma was too old to learn how.

So the little girl shrugged and skipped away.

"Wait, Penny! I didn't tell you about the big square box with the people in it! Tele-vision!" (or a car, or a school, who knows what changes will happen in the future?)

do do do do (twilight zone music - remember that? more dating!)

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Precy Larkins said...

Haha! So true! Plus, technology changes so quickly now. It's easy to feel obsolete. (I still remember Beta Max before VHS came, and now we have DVD which is fast becoming pushed to the side. Blu-ray's here. I wonder what comes next?)

Cute post!

P.S. It's no longer a BC post! Yay!

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