Thursday, February 17, 2011

Deal with it

I wasted spent a lot of time today reading about the whiny blogging teacher. I've read many responses as well. Most opinions similar to mine. She has a point, but she shouldn't have complained about it to the world. She made a bad move to publicly voice her private inability to deal with the apathetic students that we all have to deal with. She must not have thought or cared about the consequences. Since a teacher is a prominent example to the very youth she despises, that makes her unacceptable as a teacher.

Being a high school teacher myself, I know where she is coming from. I have posted about similar topics concerning the overly pampered next generation and parents' inability to speak up and make tough calls - and be the parent! grow up and too big for our britches (and it's not all parents, but the few bad ones leave the lasting impressions.)

And then I found another article, proving the point - this is scary! where are their parents?
I've heard this from fellow teachers all over, "We should get hazard pay!"

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