Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Am I worried over nothing?

I got to sub in American History today. We watched a video (go figure) about World War I. I was happy that I remembered most of it. But as I watched it unfold, with my adult perspective, I couldn't help but relate that time to what is happening in the Middle East. Is history repeating itself, again?

Wacko Extremist Muslims (not the good, peaceful Muslims) are ready to tear us up! They HATE us and our disgusting freedom! The leader of Iran blatantly cursed us in front of the whole world. He talks like he can do something about it. Like he dares us to try something so he can show us what they've got. He's scary! And he wonders why we don't want him to have nukes!

The terrorist leaders remind me of the Kaiser from WWI and Hitler from WWII. They want to rule the world. They think we would all be better off if we follow them. But these guys are adding a twist. They tell everyone they are attacking based on their religious beliefs. Same crazies, different era.

In WWI, the Germans introduced chemical warfare by using a poisonous gas. I am afraid of what could happen today with deadly viruses researched in our labs. (I watched a video about the Black Plague a couple of weeks ago - unbelievable! And we still have some of it bottled up somewhere!) We have been lucky up until now. If they got their hands on any of that stuff we'd be in real trouble.

The Germans showed they would go to any lengths with no regard for civilians versus military. Just like the terrorists. But the terrorists don't even value their own lives, sacrificing themselves with suicide bombings, for their greater good. Akin to the kamikazes of WWII. INSANE!

The internet is a great tool but is potentially dangerous with hackers and irresponsible, selfish, money grabbers. We've shown the world we couldn't do anything about the jerk that spread our "secrets" with his wikileaks. I still can't believe he got off scott free. Is nothing sacred?

The Germans were pompous, thinking they could win in 24 days. When they finally gave up, the annhiliation of the forests and cities in Europe was devastating. The men held stand offs, living in the trenches among the dead year after year. Millions died to gain scant miles of territory. Likewise there are so many dying right now. And for what? What is our objective? To stop terrorists? Are we supposed to shape Afghanistan into a democratic nation? Like that'll happen. I hope they know their goals because I don't.

I observed the kids watching the video. Most of them looked bored. Understandably - it was mostly in black and white and there were a lot of words they probably didn't understand. These kids, like most people, feel safe in their little worlds. They take for granted that they will go to school, eat three meals, watch tv and have a bed to sleep in.

I got an ominous feeling watching that video. I am afraid we are a weak nation right now. The world is struggling economically. We could be ripe for an assault. We need more flies on their walls. Something big is coming and I wonder and worry if it will be in my lifetime (or my kids!)

Watch and pray.

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