Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Mom

Hey all you super moms out there! We have many titles, maid, chauffer, cook, nurse, psychiatrist (ha ha), etc. I just added one to my list:

I'm a junior orthodontist! My youngest got spacers put in last week for braces and of course he fooled with them until one came out. I wasn't about to clear my schedule, miss another day of work and hike all the way back over there just to put that thing back in (especially since I was bringing him back in a few days for the braces)!

It even took me a few days to get around to calling them. She said if we could floss without a snag he was fine (he'd only worn it a few hours, so I knew that wasn't going to happen). After inspecting the little spacer and trying to put it back in myself with no luck, I realized it was just a tiny rubber band. I stuck a similar width rubber band between his teeth and cut it down - worked like a charm and no questions asked when we went in. Yeah me!

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