Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quick Prompt Contest Entry

Given 5 words: moon, hormones, claws, blood, curse, and bonus phrase: Krokolian Rage; an agent challenges her blog readers to come up with a 100 word or less story. Prize is a new vampire book (oh, yeah! sarcastic). But I'd take it! I just like getting the practice. Here was my entry.

The name Jayla Krokus triggers genus flora. But the peaceful image dies in the flash you spy her short, spiked, raven hair shooting up from a pale, moon pie face. You shiver coldness and death as she opens her vacant, black eyes to reveal the curse of a soulless creature apathetic to your pain. Her claws rip your flesh and she drinks your blood to fulfill her own survival instincts. Panting, her hormones finally subside as the Krokolian Rage is soothed. For now.

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