Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Land of the Mediocre

My youngest is playing flag football - it's so fun to watch. But it can be frustrating because it's supposed to be a learning experience. They have to let everyone play equal time, all the positions, etc.

That's ok. We've won a couple games and by wide margins. So wide that the league manager made a new rule that teams would forfeit their games if they win by too much (33 pts). So fine. We can hold back. There's no need to pummel anyone. I hate when coaches show no mercy.

Well, last week those darn kids kept scoring and we got just within the limit. The league manager (a spry 30 yrs old?) happened to be there and entered our huddle. He told our kids not to pull the flags. They looked at him like he was nuts. The silly boys pulled the flags anyway.

So this week, the guy sent out another new rule. If your team is up by 20 points, the other team gets to keep the ball until they score. And he added  "Solution=Let them score!!!" Now I think it's getting ridiculous.

These accommodations are really bugging me. I chatted with a grandpa from our team and he was more steamed about it than I was. He linked it to the future of our once great nation. Which is going down the toilet since we all have to hold hands and carry each other instead of letting the dead weight fall and letting the cream rise to the top! (IE - Why should they work if we're just going to give it to them!)

Making kids feel good about their mediocrity is not helping. They're taking the fight out of kids and turning them into a bunch of sissies. I have not sent my reply and don't know if I will. Unfortunately there are rerpercussions when people speak up against "the man." Plus I might hurt his wittle feelings. Here it is:

Is mediocre the goal for this league?
I am all for not running all over other teams and keeping a score spread limit, out of respect - no one likes to see another team get crushed. (I have older sons who have been on losing teams and it's tough, but they can take it - it's part of life!)
I'd like to know your objective in teaching the kids to "Let them score!!"
"Don't pull the flags, Johnny"      "Why not, Coach?"
"To be nice"                              "Are they going to pull our flags?"
How is this fair? Do you think the other team is going to feel better if we patronize them by letting them score? Why don't we just give them the 6 points? How far are you planning to go here?
And are you just making up rules as you go along? Everyone is not created equal no matter how you try to force them to be.
football mom

"When everyone is super, no one will be." Syndrome (The Incredibles)

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