Saturday, October 9, 2010

Train of thought

Ever start thinking about something and it makes you think of something else, and on and on until you forget where you started? "Why did I think of that?"

My problem is, I'll be in a conversation with a group and I'll hear something to trigger it. The topic will get on the train and when I finally say something it will be completely side tracked, drawing strange looks. Oops!

It's getting hot again. My friend called it Indian summer. Wonder why it's called Indian summer - is it like Indian giver? "Here's some cool fall weather, uh oh, now I'm taking it back!" But that phrase is offensive to Indians - Native Americans. And if they are now Native Americans why can't we use the term Indians? Does it bother people from India? My neighbor is from India, I could ask her. Her son is in my son's class. They've been in the same class like four times. There's a girl in his class that has been in his class since kindergarten - 6 years! Hard to believe since our schools seem to have so many kids, but I guess it's really small. It's a small world =) Is it hot in here?

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