Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Lazy Housewife - prologue

I've been writing this book for 3 years...I've been too lazy to try to get it published yet. I'm working on research from the public (interviewing friends, like you!) Here is the prologue.

Do you ever feel like Cinderella? This could be the story Cinderella was based on…

The dog yelps for his breakfast at 6am – no need for that alarm clock. Better get up before he wakes the little princes. Let dog out, feed him. He is so happy – wish I had that energy but have to trudge back upstairs for shower or not.

Sweetly nudge princes #1 and #2 who grumble. Have to raise voice and sometimes threaten. Finally get them moving and take breakfast orders. Back downstairs to mister wiggle-butt happy-pants (that's the dog, not the husband). Make breakfasts, get boys on bus. Wake prince #3 who is usually more pleasant. Once he gets on the bus, then the fun begins.

The kitchen is always a disaster after the whirlwind of breakfast and packing lunches. Clean, wipe, rinse, repeat. Run the dishwasher. Pay some bills. Plan day. Is it grocery day? Target? Book fair? Class party? Or just a clean house day? Don’t forget to purge the kids’ clothes and toys for the donation coming up. And then there’s the laundry. Balance the checkbook. Make a dr’s appointment. Make sure something gets vacuumed or scrubbed. Not to mention taking the dog out in between chores. And all of a sudden it’s 3pm.

Kids get home. Have snack. Tease each other. Time out. They play, you start dinner. They complain. After dinner they either do homework and complain some more or go to practice. Come home, finish homework, showers, bed. WHEW!

9ish Cinderella gets to watch her recorded tv show before crashing. “What? Not go to the ball? What did you say?” (in high pitched, mousy voice)

My dream come true is “House” and my pillow.


Anonymous said...

Like the new artwork

Jill said...

Love the intro, Tara! Jill S.

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