Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gossip Gone Wild!

Ever get a forwarded email from someone you know that's been forwarded several times...?
"Read this, it's so funny" or cute or whatever.

Unfortunately, some things that are sent around the internet are false or distorted information. I've been watching the news and many people are being misquoted and have to stand up for themselves on tv to tell everyone - "No, I didn't say that" or "That was taken out of context"

And I just watched O'Reilly talk about a far-left website that put a smear/boycott commercial on tv against Target. Apparently Target made a donation to a business friendly organization (not party oriented) who in turn gave monetary support to a conservative politician. So the liberals and gays heard what they wanted to hear and demonstrated at some Targets. For shame!

Too many people jump on a band wagon before they have all the facts - and there are devious minds who love to take advantage of them.

Please be careful! It's like thinking before you speak, but worse. Research before you send!
(And go to Target!)

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