Saturday, October 30, 2010


Did you hear about the bomb packages sent from Yemen to US and England and India via UPS? UPS!!!Miserable, zealot terrorists!

Now we have to be paranoid of the mail. We have to be alert for any suspicious activity that used to be considered normal. Even the government wants average citizens to call in. I don't envy them sifting through the crazies to find the real threats.

Who is allowed to feel safe? Well, if we can assume their targets are major cities, maybe the suburbs are safe? For now. If you remember "War Games" I always agreed with that crazy scientist that I wanted to live away from major cities because if a war broke out, they'd be the first to go...Is Cincinnati a major city? Maybe we need to move West...Then there was an invention in another movie I like, "Total Recall," that had a mass walkthru x-ray machine - I like that better than the full body scan and the lines would move quicker! What's a little radiation, right?

It's a horrible shame what evil can do in the name of their "religion." We keep backpedaling to prevent what already happened then they find new ways to do more! So frustrating! They're like cockroaches - so hard to get rid of!

I say again - "Watch and Pray!"

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