Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cave Dwellers

There seems to be a trend in my neighborhood: more and more men are staying home - whether to work out of the house or because they are out of work. My street is probably disproportionate, but maybe not. 6 out of 15 have home offices and there's a few more around the corner.

At first I thought it would be great. He could help around the house, he wouldn't be grumpy from rush hour traffic. And I was able to go back to work because he helped with the kids. Then the drawbacks came out. "Everyone stop yelling! I'm getting on a conference call!" or I'd ask a quick question and he'd say, "Can't you see I'm working!" so I'd email him. And helping around the house - HA! It's worse because I swear he has no idea what a trash can is for and wouldn't be able to find one if he did.

So I enjoy when he has to go out of town once in a while. And all this change makes me think of the caveman days. Don't ask me why. Like when the men had to go off on long trips to hunt and the women stayed local and took care of everything else. You know the men were happy to get away from the women folk for a while. They would have a great time being stupid, "I bet I can hit that dinosaur right between the eyes."

And what do you think the women did all day? "Gotta skin that sabertooth, Momma needs a new rug, ugh," "Huu, stop hitting your brother Kuu with that stick," "Caa, draw your pictures on the wall or you go to bed with no dinner!" all with another papoose strapped to her back.

Same old, same old.

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