Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping in touch

In today's society many folks have to move around for their jobs and lose touch with friends. At one point I was moving around so often I didn't want to leave my house or meet anyone because I knew I wouldn't be there for long.

Facebook was so great when it first came out. I looked up all my old friends. It was satisfying to see how people turned out and pictures of their kids. She looks great, I never would've thought she'd get divorced, I can't believe he survived cancer! he's the same age as me!

Then it got weird. Some people talked about their daily activities - I'm brushing my teeth now. Wow, I think I need a new toothbrush. - Hey, I think you missed a spot...Totally unnecessary. And I also had people trying to be friends with me that I had no clue who they were. That was a little creepy. My husband didn't like that.

So after I caught up with everyone I could remember, I quit. I sometimes think about going back to it. I'm trying to promote myself so when I get published (and I will!) people will buy my book(s). I give my card (for my blog) to people I know in hopes of more feedback. I'm hesitant to advertise too much for fear of the vultures and poachers that are out there to take advantage of my infant status. I'll let you know when I jump back in - for some reason I think people feel more comfortable commenting on facebook too.

I guess the people I know are like me - hesitant to put their info out there - or I'd have more fans. I know you're reading it, at least. Thanks! You can always become an anonymous fan =)

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