Saturday, March 26, 2011

Creativity Toolbelt

I like the sound of this. I feel like Barbara Tyler over at Brainstorms & Bylines makes up her weekend challenges just for me! This weekend the task is to make a list of what tools give us our superpowers to write.

Superhero GIrl Cartoon - Green superhero
Push this button and
  • KAPOW! NOTEPADS! I keep pads of paper upstairs, downstairs, in my purse, in my car and in my work bag. There is always a story or idea and I don't want to forget it when I think of it.
Pull this cord and
  • BOING! PICTURES! I have many pictures in my old photo albums and more on my computer. They trigger memories and inspire stories. Pictures in magazines or images on tv and photo prompts do the same thing.
Press the star and
  • POWER UP! CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Just because they're my favorite. Everything is clearer with chocolate chip cookies.
Unhook this gadget and
  • BLAMMO! F&F! That's friends and family. They support me by reading my stuff and encouraging me and being impressed that I write. They keep me going!
This challenge was an easy one - and I needed something fun and relaxing this weekend. My son had his tonsils out and has been an excellent patient. His recovery has been smooth so far with limited complaints - what a trooper!


Deb said...

I like this challenge, and I like your presentation of your answers! I recently added a small notepad to my purse after leaving my comp's power cord at home for a morning of coffee shop writing. The notebook only fits 50-60 words per page, but each page filled is one I wouldn't otherwise have written!

Michelle Wallace said...

Hey TTT ~~ sounds like an interesting challenge ! Missed you over at Aheila's Weekly Drabble Challenge this past week , though it seems like you've had your hands full , so it's understandable ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,
Hope your son is feeling better soon. Glad you found time to take the challenge. Maybe one of my superpowers is knowing what kind of challenge you need each weekend? ;)

Now... Which cord was it that dispenses those Power Up Cookies? I could use one. ;)

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks, y'all!
Power cookies for everyone!

Mish - I will catch up with Aheila's next drabble. I still don't know what a linchpin is. I will go visit and read the entries! Thanks for reminding me =)

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