Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flash Fiction AW Sunday Challenge - Champagne

This one was so easy - some prompts just form the image!

Champagne Me

Let me tickle your nose.
You know you want me.
Golden, crisp, sweet, sassy.
Such a tingly tease.

That’s it, sip me.
So smooth going down.
Not too fast now.
Enjoy it. Laugh. Flirt.

Have some more.
Let your hair down.
Sure, one more sip
And out on the floor.

Fill up another flute.
There’s more where that came from.
Plenty to spare.
Plenty to share.

Oops. Did you spill a drop?
Watch your step.
Sure, take me with you.
Johnny doesn’t mind.

He’s such a nice guy.
Helping you up the stairs.
Can he come in?
Maybe some other time.

But he wants to finish me with you.
It’s late and you’re tired?
He’ll just help you to your bed.
Careful, watch out!

I crashed, on his head.

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