Friday, March 11, 2011

Writing a Book - Advice From Fellow Writers - Feb/Mar 2011

In this segment I am going to give links to my peeps (that sounded sooo WHITE!) Many of the blogs I follow give advice on writing, from 2 cents to $200! (I don't know, $200 seems a little high). The tidbits I'm passing on are from blogs that may have a smaller viewership and could use a boost. Intelligent and new (like me!) plus one or two that are more well-known just because they're worth the read.

Here is the list, organized by topic. Of course it's organized, how could it not be!

Blogging/Social Networking
"Blog Twit" - is this social expression fading?
"Blogging Tips..." - trading advice

"Another Lesson..." - got patience?
"Getting the Work Done" - got perseverance?

"Tercet and Triad" - try it.
"Voice vs Style" - what's the difference?
"Realism in Fantasy" - how it works

The Rules
"Roasting Chestnuts" - We don't need no stinking rules!

"Keeping Frak..." - PC going too far
"Self Promotion" - marketing advice

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