Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreaming of Disney World

Dreaming of Disney - the series

I consider myself a Disney World connoisseur (had to look up the spelling on that one!) I was introduced to Disney when we lived in Massachusetts. My parents took us out of school and we went down a couple of times in the 70s. Groovy! Then we moved to Florida (not for Disney, that was a bonus). We were there from 1980-1992. We lived less than 3 hours from the park so we went, a lot. My parents let my sister and I bring friends sometimes, too. In 8th grade my chorus took a trip there and we got a behind the scenes tour. Our high school Senior Trip was there - an overnight Lock In at Disney with concerts and rides - Awesome! My freshman year of college was our last family trip there (with just the 4 of us anyway). We were a corny family, what can I say.

After college I took a couple of boyfriends there. A subliminal test? Nah. Just a place I love that I wanted to share.

The thing is, I never got sick of it!

So now I have my own family. We joined the Disney Vacation Club, which has properties all over the world, not just at the parks. We still go on a regular, biannual basis (every other year). Sometimes we meet my parents and my sister's family. And sometimes we coordinate with friends.

And every time we go we have a new experience. Attractions are added and updated all the time. Knowing the tricks and shortcuts, having perks, being with friends and family. It's truly a magical place. I want to share the magic!
March 2000

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