Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stuck with a Name

This Drabble Day challenge is "Name." I'm a little over the 100 word limit, but it's worth it!

Ever hear “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?” I say names matter. My name is Peace. Peace Mayka.

My parents weren't hippies, they're too young. They just didn't think. They said their intention was to bring peace into the world (groan). It would be easier if they were hippies.

At school, I don't get teased much. My friends are over it. It's the teachers who like to come up with lame jokes. "Let's Mayka Peace do it," or "Is Peace like a river?" and my favorite, "Should we give Peace a piece?" Eye rolls do nothing.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. At least I'm a conversation Peace.

PS - Doing some research on the subject I came across this hilarious site commenting on bad baby names!


Michelle Wallace said...

Hey TTT ~ Welcome back to Drabble Land . :)
Very cute drabble ~ once again , I loved the light-hearted angle ~ very refreshing and gave me the giggles !!
The prompt had my brains in a knot . I didn't know which angle to use ...

Tara Tyler said...

I agree. Name - so simple, yet so complex! Thank you Mish =) I will have to check yours out!

Ryan said...

What a great drabble, Tara! I'm always coming across examples of names that cause endless embarrassment and wonder what makes people choose them. Sometimes, though, it turns out to be unique and kinda nice, but those are exceptions.

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks, Ryan =) Subbing I've seen my share of different names with a variety of spellings, too. It's definitely harder to have a unique name these days. Ever try to look up someone on facebook? Crazy!

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