Friday, March 4, 2011

Writing a Book - Read for Thought

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Now that I've started to write, reading a book has become a new experience. I am
  • analytical "Isn't this info dumping?"
  • critical "I thought you weren't supposed to do that!"
  • jealous "I wish I could write like that"
  • or jealous "How did she get published? This is crap! No fair!"
Reading published authors is a great way to see how things should be done. This is a finished product. Not all are perfect examples. But these authors made it through the entire process. They found the right agent who helped them get their book edited and submitted and made a deal with a publisher and you bought it (or borrowed it).

Don't compare your book to a published one, it's not fair to you.
DO: Hear the voice. Feel the rhythm as the words flow and the story moves along. Picture the setting. Notice how they can show you things and not just explain. They weave backstory into the plot and you don't even realize it. Think of an area you are struggling with and take note when you reach something similar in the book you're reading - how do I make my character more empathetic? Ahh, like that.

The best books are the ones you can't put down and you are finished in a couple of days leaving you wanting more from that author. I want to write one like that!
Writing a Book 1st


Theresa Milstein said...

When I read a wonderful book, I keep in mind that the rough draft didn't look that way. It took the author's personal revisions, a critique group, an agent, and an editor to get it up to snuff.

Good advice - don't compare yourself to others.

Tara Tyler said...

That's great advice too. Consider the process they went through. Writing a book takes perseverance. Thanks for the comment =)

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