Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pop Travel Ticket

I've been editing. I'm into chapter 5 (of 14). Then I will work on my query letter and edit some more. Here is a sample. Wanna go?

Pop Travel International - Ticket       
One use pop.                                    Friday, July 26, 2080.
Departure station: Peachtree Street, Downtown Atlanta, GA
Departure time: 3:20 PM.
Destination: Beasley Hills Plantation, Albany, GA
·         Arrive 30 minutes early to check in. You will undergo a brief pre-medical examination by a certified physician. Go to to fill out and submit the pre-med check questionnaire.
·         It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT POP if you are: pregnant, epileptic or have been experiencing frequent headaches or seizures.
·         Any belongings larger than the indicated measurements will require a separate ticket.
·         Using pop travel is done at the risk of the traveler.
·         For any other questions or concerns visit

( is not a real site, yet)

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