Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buying a politician

I want to know where all the money comes from that supports candidates. Millions and billions of dollars!!! Fundraising, lobbying, big businesses and organizations. Does anyone else see a problem here? Why does it take so much money to get elected?

1. I assume most is for advertising and travel. SOLUTION: most of that could be saved by using the internet, facebook, etc. That is still "free" for now.

2. I also have a bad feeling that a lot of money goes to digging up dirt on the opponents and damage control when their own secrets come out. SOLUTION: put all your dirty laundry out there: "Here is the website of all the bad things I've done. Everyone makes mistakes. I've learned from mine and I'm not afraid to tell you about it." Honesty would be refreshing! ULTIMATE SOLUTION: Be a good person to begin with!

3. This money could do much more good elsewhere! Like pay down our incredible debt! Invest in our country and let the people vote for themselves.

4. Finally, if big corporations and organizations are paying for candidates - who do you think they have to report to? It's not the little people. I want a candidate who says "no" to big contributions. I would vote for them! Then they report to us!

Now go vote, if you haven't yet! And as my mother says, "Pick the lesser of the two evils!"

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