Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nobody needs to see that

Been flying lately? Eww! I missed the full body scan this summer, thank goodness. And now the airport workers are getting cheap feel ups. Come on! Not only are these darn terrorists trying to steal our freedom - they're robbing us of our dignity!

I sent this note to the Transportation Security Administration. Couldn't hoit.

"I appreciate the lengths your organization is going to in keeping the public safe. I also know you're receiving many complaints about the invasive scans and body searches terrorists are making us resort to. I have to say I am avoiding air travel because of it.
My suggestion is to change to a better xray system. A complete, to the bone xray. I don't know the radiation ramifications, but I would rather walk through an xray machine than the two current alternatives. (Ever see Total Recall? Sci Fi here we are.) Thanks for your time!"

I'm sure they'll get right on it.

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