Monday, November 15, 2010

Flash Fiction Contest Entry 11/15

Using the words: Betrayal, Sky, Wings, Light, Pee Wee and Bonus points if you can include this phrase: "Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear."

Here is my entry:
optional accompaniment, play tune #5:

The sun climbed slowly into the sky. The light cascaded onto her wings as she reached her lair above the lake and safely hid the treasure of her betrayal.

Pee Wee won’t miss his elfin talisman, Winona thought.

But Pee Wee felt its absence immediately. He woke and searched. He felt its compelling force from across the lake.

Must’ve been that mischievous flying centaur, he assumed.

He stomped off to fetch it. He paused at the lake to read the warning sign, “Beware of the Were-Mer-Bear.”

Pfah! No freak of nature is going to keep me from getting my…CHOMP!

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