Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lost Connections

I've lost touch with many people I used to know.
I wonder about them. I found some on facebook a while back and it was fun seeing how people "turned out." (I had to quit because I got a virus from it)
There are still a few people I couldn't find.

It's sad that so many of us have to move around so much these days. We start to build relationships then have to move away. When I first had my kids we moved every couple of years. I wanted to lock myself in my house. I figured what's the point getting to know people when I'll be gone soon? Now, I've been here seven years (longest anywhere) and my closest friend had to move away.

It also makes me sad that not many people seem to be reaching out to find me. I guess I understand, being busy with our many activities, always something going on. But I thought I had close friends at the time.

Apparently distance makes you see who your truest friends are. The ones who bother to keep in touch.

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